Get to Know Our CEO

Clinical Trial Services

Meet our CEO Gurpreet Bambra – a seasoned research professional whose experience began ground up as a research coordinator. Gurpreet comes with over 12 years of experience in this industry with a track record of working in very challenging situations and producing top results.

Having completed an Honours BSc from the University of Toronto and Clinical Research Conduct and Management at the University of California, Berkley, she transitioned from coordination to clinical trial monitoring engaging in roles such as primary CRA, Lead/Senior CRA & Site Manager.

Over the years, she has become a sought-after research professional supervising investigational drug and medical device trials. Gurpreet has worked closely with both Sites and Sponsors to ensure that they are able to effectively execute their studies in the given timelines.

With a commitment to high quality work and striving to meet client needs in a timely manner, every business inquiry, be it small or large, simple or complicated; Gurpreet will give it the utmost importance to ensure that DocQc helps you achieve your deliverables in the best possible time without compromising data integrity or subject safety.

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DocQc is a clinical trial consultancy that supports clinical research through the provision of trial monitoring, site management & GCP auditing services for both medical device and pharmaceutical studies: pre-market to post-market.