Medical Monitoring

Clinical Trial Services

DocQc provides rigorous oversight and valuable medical insight to clinical trials, from study design to close-out. We provide medical advice when it’s needed, especially when safety and protocol are involved. Experienced in phase I-IV clinical trials, our medical monitors help organizations secure participant safety, uphold data integrity and produce timely and accurate outcomes.

Our medical monitoring team can assist with study design. Our services help sponsors and site personnel develop clinical investigation and safety management plans, construct concise consent forms and project risk assessments.


  • We evaluate patient eligibility to define the study populations. DocQc also provides advice on site selection and preparation. Before the trial begins, we can provide therapeutic and project-specific training to investigators and other relevant site personnel.

  • We assist with technical and protocol-specific aspects of the trials. Our team reviews serious adverse events (SAEs) as well as study documents, such as case report forms and study manuals.

  • Our medical monitors are ready to answer investigators’ queries about protocol and management of emergencies in all levels of the trial. For instance, we guide site personnel in handling cases where participants need to be unblinded due to medical emergencies.

  • Our services also include assistance in coding of medical data (reviewing line listings to verify MedDRA consistency), as well as input in the development of clinical study reports. DocQc’s medical monitors are available 24/7 for any trial questions.

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